SOC collected some 4100 signatures, surpassing the required 3500, to get the recall they're demanding. Now, the field is wide open to replace Jay Imperial and Gary Taylor. It's expected that several candidates will run, including candidates not endorsed by SOC.

SOC Gains Ground in Court Against Wal-Mart

SOC.. has won at least a temporary victory in Los Angeles County Superior Court. SOC had filed suit against Wal-Mart and the City of Rosemead earlier this year, challenging bout a dozen points contained in thie environmental impact report for the project.

On Thurdsay (June 30), Judge Andrew Yaffe ordered a halt to all activity related to the Wal-Mart development until the company and the city correct inadequacies that he identified in two sections of the report.

The Recall is Underway

The recall of Jay Imperial and Gary Taylor is underway. As always, we need as many volunteers as possible walking. Help clean Rosemead up! To help out, contact the team at 272-0737.

Wal Mart Fact Checker Wal-Mart Fact Checker
In early 2005, Wal-Mart launched a million-dollar advertising campaign in an attempt to silence its critics. The company bought hundreds of television ads, newspaper ads, and more to tell you what to think.

Rather than fight back with more slick advertising and giant ad budgets, we think there’s a better way to get the real facts out about Wal-Mart— a grassroots way that depends on you for success. Invite your friends to view the facts about Wal-Mart, then see who accepted your invitations on an animated map that tracks your fact sheet as it spreads across the country.

No Moratorium

Rosemead council won't stop Wal-Mart Pasadena Star News, 12 April 2005

Foes of retailer vow to recall 2 council members

"Save Our Community would need about 3,500 votes to get the recall on a ballot."

The Asbestos Issue

On several mornings and afternoons from April 5th to the 10th, around ten people made public protests against Southern California Edison, our neighbor, about the presence of asbestos found on the site at Rush and Walnut Grove. In late March, plastic tape marked with "Asbestos" danger indications deliniated over a dozen areas where small bits of asbestos-laden roof tiles were found (according to SCE).

Judge's ruling deals setback to Rosemead's Wal-Mart plans

Judge's ruling deals setback to Rosemead's Wal-Mart plans, SGVTribune 06 April 2005

"Yaffe had harsh words for the City Council, which at first told residents the store would not operate 24 hours a day, then allowed Wal-Mart the privilege when it approved the project at a Sept. 7 meeting."

Even if it wasn't a 24 h

What an Election!

LA Times Story

Letters to the Editor

Late news: the latest news is that Polly Low came in fourth, beating William Alarcon.