Four Cities Propose Regional Bike Plan; Rosemead not among them

The SGV Tribune has some goofy Earth Day-related stories today. Here's one of them.

Wal-Mart closes its eyes to bribery

Yahoo story today on how Wal-Mart ended an investigation into bribery by its Mexican subsidiary when their investigation started looking bad. Surprise, surprise: Wal-Mart breaks the law or bends the rules, then pretends to know nothing about it. They're like Sgt.

Crime in the City

A little late to be posting this, I know, but for those who are interested and can make it to the Public Safety Center (8301 Garvey Ave) Thursday (the 19th) night at 7:00 for the monthly Community Safety Meeting....


The Truth About Garvey

The "Little District that Could," the "Garvey Family," the Garvey Elementary School District has become dysfunctional with no collaboration between the various groups. Since the Garvey School District hired Dr. Sandra Johnson as the Superintendent in the summer of 2010, the District has sunk into a deep malaise.

CAL Poultry sues Rosemead

On the one hand, I'm amused. I also think it's a shame that 1) the city has forced a responsible business to hire a lawyer to stay in business, and, 2) Rosemead's stupid, politics-first city council members are forcing an already-broke city to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a lawsuit that the city council's actions brought upon itself.

Hai Bà Trưng School for Organizing, 2012

The Hai Bà Trưng School for Organizing is a training program for young organizers, ages 18-25. As a participant, you’ll have the opportunity to explore what it means to be a progressive Vietnamese American, learn the basics of organizing theory and skills, and connect to local Vietnamese American organizers doing social justice work.

SGHS E-Waste Drive and Yard Sale

Busy weekend coming up at San Gabriel High School. On both Saturday and Sunday (March 24 and 25, 9am - 3pm), San Gabriel High School will be having their annual e-waste drive.