Why Does This Guy Want to Raise Your Taxes?

Yep, believe it or not, there is one slate of candidates that is on record as wanting to raise your taxes. . . And it's the one that Margaret Clark is a part of.

At a candidates forum today, Steven Ly announced that his vision for Rosemead includes a business tax.

"A vote for Clark, Ly and Armenta is a vote for higher business taxes in Rosemead." Quite a catchy slogan, no?

Bush, Arnold, LY

No new taxes
Read my lips?

A Republican making businesses even less competitive in California and Rosemead?

Where was Maggie when leadership or is this
The Slip of Slate

Tax and Spend "Conservatives"

Yeah, that's what I thought when I heard of this business tax. What businessman in his right mind would open a business in Rosemead instead of Alhambra, Pasadena, or Monterey Park, if they'd have to pay an extra tax in Rosemead but not in any of these other cities?

Of course, this would also explain something else I have heard recently, namely that Steven Ly was going into business with his brother to open a coffee shop in Pasadena. Why Pasadena instead of Rosemead? Perhaps to avoid the impending business tax?