Relinquish Clark, Armeta, Li

I attended the forum last night and am quite concerned about three of the candidates.

The first question was on the transfer of Rosemead Blvd from the State (Caltrans) to the City.

As far as I know this mater is under investigation and a report is being prepared.
No one has enough information to make an informed decision at this time.

First up I heard an answer that sounded like Margaret Clark- looking up I saw that Armeta was speaking.

How do you make a policy decision when you do not know what you are talking about?
Easy- just parrot waht Maggie tells you.

Second up was Maggierself
Blithering I#*&@t

Several answers that are factually suspect.

Maggie mixes "liability" for street maintenance with liability for boo- scarry pothole damage to vehicles?

Question Maggie
How many miles of streets do we have in Rosemead?
How long is Rosemead Blvd?
How big a additional liability would any potholes be?

Maggie's Liability

Rosemead Blvd is worn out
John, John and Poly know this
Maggie, Ly and Armeta will know this when the study comes out.
Rosemead looks sorta OK on the surface (where the potholes would be) but he subsurface gets water in it and "pumps" under heavy trucks.

In otherwords a simple repaving will not fix it.
The whole roadbead and subsurface must be reengineered and replaced.
This is going to be a big ticket Item and NOW may be the time to get it done.
Mayor Tran is not about to take over Rosemead and have the City pay for the rebuild out of ur general fund.
Mayor Tran will find the money to get it done.
Just ignoring the problem will make ot go away.
Maggie has known or should have known about this problem for years but has provided NO LEADERSHIP to solve the problem.

MAyor Tran knows that the way toget a beaurocracies attention is to engage them.

Mayor Tran asked for a study of the Sheriff.
Maggie cried wolf about "loosing our Police Protection.
What happened is that the Sheriff came back with proposals, including the hireing of civilian laison and upgrading the Rosemead Substation.
Mayor Tran and John Nunez have accomplished these recommendations and out Sheriff service is much improved

Moral of Story

A study will focus CalTrans attention on the Rosemead Blvd problem.

Polly Low will see to it that it is done to the betterment to our bucget

Gary Taylor watches the books- as we all are aware.

Maggie Clark will run around like a chicken with her head cut off.

I highly doubt Stevie or

I highly doubt Stevie or Sandy have ever read a single report put out by the city of Rosemead, so I don't think your opening sentence would hold true for them. As for Maggie, she and the facts are rarely in agreement, so I don't know that you can even count on her to to face the facts with a report right in front of her. Besides, with any luck, she won't be on the council any more when that report comes in.


Rosemead Blvd again
One of Maggie's reasons for not wanting to control Rosemead Blvd is the "liability" for polution from the gutters and storm drains.

How many miles of gutters do we have in Rosemead?
How many miles of these are along Rosemead blvd?

These gutters lead into how many storm drains?
OF which how many are on Rosemead Blvd?
Big Deal?
Are we not doing a study to determine this.

Storm water polution and clean up costs are a looming big problem.
A Citywide problem.
What is your Solution Maggie Clark?
Where is your LEADERSHIP?
Or are you -Again- Just part of the problem?

Is this something that will be addressed in the study that you do not want to do?

Just Say NO does not work.

No Comment

Steven Ly was the third speaker on the Rosemad Blvd issue.
Mr Ly indicated that he had Graduated from UCLA with a degree in Public Policy or some such.
I was expecting Mr Ly to be all in favor of studies and not shoot from the hip.
I was disappointed.
Three Bobbleheads

I would like to see Rosemead fixed and for CalTrans to pay for it.
CalTrans gets to pay for the rebuild one way or the other.
With local control, if feasable, Your Council would determine the schedule.
With State control= well how long have we been in line for these needed repairs?
Local funding can be more cost effective than State funding so this might turn out to be a win win for both CalTrns and Rosemed.
Stay tuned for the study.
Then we can discuss Rosemead Blvd.

Three types of Candidates
Make it happen
Watch it happen
What's happen
make your choice March 3

In the short term, there

In the short term, there might be money in the current spending package to do this, no? And if not now, then, there will probably be a followup spending bill later - and someone can fight to get on that bill.

This heavy deficit spending makes me queasy, but, with credit being tight, this is the only way to inject money into the economy. Sometimes, you gotta borrow.

Doing the work here will help reduce unemployment just a touch in the region.

Shovel Ready Projects

Tran and Nunez have been working really hard to get projets "shovel ready" so that if monies become available Rosemead has all its ducks in a row.

Rosemead Blvd is more of a long lead time item and bickering over relinquishment will not help.

However the current "stimilus" bill does not concentrate on NOW but does address longer term infrastructure needs, which while important, are not the imediate need.

Turns out that most of the lay-offs are amoung non high school graduates.
I've suggested a workingmans GI bill. Not make-work jobs but structural job training - education, with pay and health care so that the un and under employed can participate.

Most jobs will be created by new small businesses- that's where the stimulus needs to be.

Invest in people.