Meanwhile, the Councilwoman who can't tell the truth. . .

. . . has sent out some more scary mailers. Ooooh. "They want to raise your taxes!!!"

Hopefully voters will think to themselves, "I thought that's what the Wal-Mart ditto heads said would happen if they elected John and John? I thought that's what they said would happen if they elected Polly Low? I thought they said that's what would happen if we didn't defeat Measure CC?

At some point, even the densest of voters is going to figure out that the Tax Boogieman is a red herring that's intended to distract voters from the fact that Maragaret Clark has been in office for 18 years, but has no accomplishments to point to. . . .

She is such a yellow-bellied

She is such a yellow-bellied sapsucker.

Truth in development

Infill projects

One can appreciate the hypocracy of the councilwoman who does not even know the truth when she sees it.

The new eyesore at on Mission drive is typical of the afrontry which the Planning and Zoning adopted by Maggie Clark was bringing to Rosemead

All Major streets could build towers 65 feet high right up to the sidewalk and from lot line to lot line.

A similar project is at Broadway and San Gabriel Blvd in San Gabriel so short sightedness is not only in Rosemead.

The new guidelines brought in by John Tran and John Nunez reduce the footprint and soften the impact by requireing setbacks.

Maggie makes a big stink about not wanting a better project near her estate however she had no compunctions about allowing a much worse one in your neighbourhood.

75 feet tall, actually. But

75 feet tall, actually. But you're right about everything else.


Those of you who thought that Maggie was watching out for you on the fence issue..

Have another think
Maggie's fence is actually an unsightly Hedge which takes over the sightlines and sidewalk.

At least it prevents view of her misquito breading nature preserve.

An unfenced pool in 2009 Shame on you.

Well at least it's empty--- almost
similar to her other acheivements