The Candidate from Out of Town. . .

. . .is making phone calls from out of state!

Yep, I got a phone call from New Jersey yesterday. It was someone doing a survey/push poll for Gil Cedillo. They're wondering if the "One Bill Gil" (driver's licenses for illegal aliens) or the out-of-town carpetbagger label will hurt him. They're's also wondering if Gil can tie his star to the Obama wagon (he got onboard with Obama early, while Chu was initially a Hillary supporter).

My suspicion is that Gil's discovering just how popular Judy is in the district. Maybe this'll convince him to go fishing for an office someplace else.

Check those out of state phone calls

Next time campaign disclosure forms are filed and see if there are something fishy with Gill's.

We know that Maggie Clark received extensive phone polling during the last election. The the Pollesters barraged responders with custom phone calls targeted to their hot buttons.

Targeted advertising

Unreprorted Campaign contributions?

Who would support The Gilletien?
OR Maggie?

A larger local question is who will follow Gloria Romero in the Senate?

Mike Eng works harder than any other Assemblyman- look at his accomplishment in just one term.

Who else?

Kinda looks like it's a done

Kinda looks like it's a done deal for Ed Hernandez.