Romero Moves to Education

Here's a new twist - Gloria Romero, who was one of the people considered a contender for Solis' Congressional seat, has announced that she's leaving her role as Majority Leader and has been "appointed Chair of the Senate Education Committee and Chair of the Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Subcommittee on Education Finance."  Okay, I don't know what those two things are, but I imagine it means making decisions about the largest chunk of the state budget, and running the schools.

I read that she's doing this as a prelude to run for the State Superintendent of Public Instruction:

Romero and Education

She had previously (at least six months before the Solis announcement) announced for Superintendent of Public Instruction, and it's my impression that education policy is her real passion.

I have not heard any official word as to if she's calling off her congressional campaign and going full-bore for SPI, but, if so, it would not surprise me.