Shooting: 200 block of Valley in SG

Two Asian males shot, 1 dead at the scene, 1 wounded.  


This is SO CLOSE TO HOME its not funny.  


No crime is EVER funny.  However, as more and more Asians move into the SG Valley, so do their criminal children.  I used to feel like the "odd man out" when this area was primiarly white.  Yes, we had our crime, but killings were the "exception" then, not the "rule" like it is mow almost every week.  


So, what should American born minorities  feel about "open borders" now?  Did our crime wave go up as Asian minorities moved from North Orange County (Westminister) into the SG Valley?  I would suggest that it is more difficult to "blend in" in Orange County, but how did we get so lucky with that migration?


I'm just blowing off some steam here.  All comments welcomed.


P.S.  Remember when Asians were considered the "Model Minority??? ha ha ha....