Tis the season. . .

. . . for Wal-Mart shoppers to do their annual trampling.

Wal-Mart was in full CYA mode when they finally got around to talking about how someone working in a Wal-Mart store in Long Island, NY, got trampled to death by conscience-less shoppers. "Despite all our precautions," indeed.

Indeed. Who could have foreseen that there’d be a mad rush by moronic shoppers trying to save a few dollars? Who would know? Unless they read this Wal-Mart trampling story here. Or, if they read the story at the bottom of this post, about a number of other trampling incidents, the majority of which also involved Wal-Mart. Or heard about what happened in a New York state Wal-Mart, a few years back. Or saw this YouTube post of a Wal-Mart scrum in 2005.

Indeed. Who could have known?  It's not like these things happen every year.

On a related note, here’s a blog post that attacks the whole concept of "door buster" sales.

Thanks for those

Thanks for those links.


These shopping stampeded are way more violent than so-called "riots" that I've been at.  I've been in or near "slam pits" with intoxicated youth where people were more civil to each other.  (Maybe it's because, in riots, you only have to watch out for police with clubs.  It's not like every other consumer is trying to get ahead of you.)