Site Upgrade Coming Soon

I'm going to upgrade the software, which is very out of date. Here's a preview site, where I'm testing out the upgrading:

We can add some themes, so the site won't look so generic. Themes can be previewed at:

Attached is a rough draft of a theme I'm working on.

Also, this might be a good opportunity to come up with a one-line description of what this site is about, to be put under the name of the site.

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Site Upgrade Coming Soon

I don't mind the generic look.  It's unique to for the sites I visit!

Also, while updating, note that the links for Moms vs. Walmart, Temple City Neighborhood Alliance and Pico Rivera CTIP are all dead.

Site Upgrade Coming Soon

I can keep this theme then. I think there's a version for Drupal 6.