Planning Commission, November 3, 2008

Good (and short) meeting last night.  I didn't bother posting an announcement because it looked and proved to be very non-controversial.

Item one was from the Taco Bell on Valley, which needed approval to replace their old signs with their new corporate logo.  The new signs are no larger (and, in some cases, smaller), no taller, and no brighter than the old signs, so it was pretty pro forma.  Nonetheless, staff recommended (and we agreed) to conditions of approval that will address various property maintenance issues on the site.

Item two was a new facade and property improvements further down on Valley, a bit west of Temple City Blvd.  The existing structure is not very attractive, while the new facade should look much better.  And it'll be a much 'greener' building, with a waterless male urinal, solar-powered building lighting and various window treatments intended to minimize the HVAC needs for the building.

The completed building will have basically the same dimensions (except for a four-foot increase to the parapet wall, whcih will more-completely shield the neighbors from the sight and sounds of the roof-mounted AC unit), but it will just look much more modern.  Given the current blighted appearance around that area, it's a plus.

The nice part is that, between the staff, the commission, and the developer, we anticipated many of the issues that the rear neighbors had with the renovation.  We made sure the parking lot lights are fully shielded, to keep the light directed on the lot and not into the neighbor's yards and windows.  We made sure the AC unit was fully screened.  We made sure there was no significant change in the height of the building.  The developer made sure the drainage of rain runoff from the parking lot would go forward to Valley rather than back to the neighbors.  They'll also be putting in some good, low-water trees and shurbs to help screen the building and the parking lot from the rear neighbors.  And we're allowing what I hope will be a very good, environmentally-oriented business to come to Rosemead.

All around, I think it was a meeting that we can all be proud of.