Leftovers from City Hall, and "Where are they now?"

Some of you may already know that Jennifer McLain, who has had the Rosemead beat for the past year or so is moving on to cover Irwindale, water issues, and the county board of supervisors (in addition to West Covina, which she already had). A new reporter, Rebecca Kimitch, is going to be covering Rosemead, El Monte and South El Monte.  Poor Rebecca. :D

I can’t help but feel a little insulted that Rosemead is apparently the minor leagues (A, AA, or AAA, I don’t know which), where new reporters start, then leave after they've proven themselves.  By the way, in case you’re wondering where past Rosemead beat writers have gone? Jason Kosareff is still a spokesperson for Rosemead-based University of the West. Frank Girardot (who never really had the Rosemead assignment, but did cover a few stories here) has been on the Tribune’s crime beat for quite some time. Fred Ortega had the Pasadena beat for a while, but left the SGVN to become director of communications for Board of Equalization Chairperson, Judy Chu. I’m not sure what Christina Esparza’s real job is, but the last time I saw her name in the news was in connection with a police call to Roger Hernandez’s condo.

I think that’s everyone who covered Rosemead for any length of time in the past five years.