More Sidewalk Astronomy

Caroline and I will be joining Old Town Astronomers in Monrovia (corner of Myrtle and Lime) on Saturday, September 6 for moon and Jupiter viewing. Old Town Astronomers will be in Pasadena (Colorado, near Delacey) on Friday, September 12.  Both events will set up around 7:30pm and tear down sometime before 10pm.

On Saturday, September 13 and Sunday September 14, the Pacific Astronomy and Telescope Show comes to Pasadena. Click on the link for more information. I’ll probably attend at least part of one day. But I’ll most be going as a spectator rather than as a participant. It’ll be nice to see all those vendors in one place, and maybe catch a talk or two.  Also, on Sunday, there’ll be a celebration for John Dobson’s (father of sidewalk astronomy) birthday. He’s 93, I think.

Monrovia Sidewalk Astronomy, Sat, Oct. 11

From dusk until about 9:30pm, Old Town Astronomers will be at the corner of Myrtle and Lime in Old Town Monrovia.  The moon and Jupiter will be visible during the entire session (although Jupiter may drop below the buildings near the end of our session).  Venus may be briefly visible shortly after dusk.

Venus is bright and low in the west-southwest at dusk.  It'll be the brightest thing in the night sky after the moon.  Jupiter is not quite as bright, and will be just west of south at dusk.

Sidewalk Astronomy, Saturday, November 8, 5pm?

With the end of daylight savings, it's going to be getting dark pretty early.  We'll probably try to set up by around 5pm.  Early in the evening, there may be a shot at viewing Venus, low in the southwest.

Jupiter will be higher and almost due south.

Depending on the tempterature and the foot traffic, we may be there as last as 9pm or so.