Bogus Address Painting Service

I arrived home late yesterday evening and was approached by a gentleman who claimed he would repaint the address in front of my home for a $10.00 donation - upfront - and that he would come the next day to paint the address. I asked him if he was employed by the city which seemed to catch him off guard. He claimed he was a "subcontractor" and did not have any business cards or company identification with him. Needless to say, after these questions he got in his car and left. I contacted the city and of course this is not legit. Its a heads up for everyone.

Ooh that's even worse than the regular scam

I hate that scam where they paint it without your permission, and then demand money. When you refuse to pay, they screw up the numbers.

I just got some black paint. Time to paint "do not paint" on the curb.