Stranded in Suburbia

Paul Krugman featured an interesting map that shows the cost of gas for different communities in Sydney Aus. It looks bleak for people in the outer suburbs.

For a community like Rosemead, this is good news. We're relatively close to downtown, and Pasadena, which are the easternmost "nice" cities with money. There's still room to grow, by increasing density.

On the other hand, Rsmd lacks a density of upper-end jobs like they have at Edison. So, that could hurt the city -- which would increasingly be characterized by the mix of jobs available nearby.

Stranded in Suburbia

It's not showing the "cost" of gas, but the relative portion of their income being spent on gas.

My unscientific observations in the L.A. area say gas is more expensive on the Westside and the Eastside than it is in Rosemead, South San Gabriel, and San Gabriel.  And the cheapest gas in our area continues to be at the corner of Peck and Durfee in El Monte.  Go figure.