4th of July Parade

"Celebrating the Stars and Stripes Forever!"

No, last year wasn't a one-off; Rosemead's annual parade is back for good, and it's that time of the year again.  We hope you all liked last year's; this year, we're trying some new things to make the parade even better.  And we need your help to do it.

One new thing is giant balloons.  They will be like the ones in the Macy's parade, but not as big.  To carry them, though, we need walkers, about 30 or so in all.  So we are looking for people who want to be in the parade and help out with this.  We need adults who are in reasonably good condition, as the balloons are big, and you will need to walk with them for the entire route (about 1.2 miles).

We will also be handing out normal-sized balloons (and possibly also flags) to spectators along the route this year, and we need some people to help do that.

Remember the White Coats at the Rose Parade?  The people who walk alongside the floats, bands, etc., check pacing, and generally help things go smoothly?  We need people for that, too.

Lastly for volunteers, we need some people who want to help distribute posters and flyers in the area - not only Rosemead - to help publicize the parade and get as many people as possible to come join the fun and celebrate with us.

We also need sponsors, so for any community-minded businesses or organizations who want to help out a local event and get a little good publicity in the process, please let us know!

Finally, the parade is still accepting entrants, so if you (or someone you know) have a group and want to be in the parade, please let us know soon!  We're looking for floats, classic cars, equestrian and marching groups, and unique entries, among others.  We especially want Rosemead-based groups, but others are welcome, too.

For all of these things, and for any other questions, please contact Kim Boris at Rosemead Parks & Recreation at (626) 569-2520 or <kboris@cityofrosemead.org>.  Additional information can also be found at <http://www.cityofrosemead.org>.

If you can help, we'd love to have you, and we'd love to have EVERYONE at the parade, so mark the day on your calendar: July 4th at 10:00 AM.  Don't miss out on the fun!!

4th of July Parade

The city has starting posting press releases to the city website.  The press release for the Fourth of July parade (in .pdf format) is linked below:


4th of July Parade

The press release notes they'll have "giant helium balloons."  Wouldn't hydrogen balloons be more entertaining? Oh, the humanity!

4th of July Parade

Update coming soon!  Meanwhile, please volunteer!

Parade Updates

We've had a few changes since the initial posting on the parade last month.  First, and most importantly, per the City Council's decision at the May 27th meeting, Rosemead Boulevard will NOT be shut down for the parade.  It will instead be "managed" as in years past, with Temple City Sheriffs controlling the flow.  The Council also decided to restore the old route going up through Loma and eliminate the jackknife turn around onto Mission.  It looks like this will result in some of the giant balloons planned for the parade being changed for (slightly) less giant ones to accommodate the power lines on Loma, but will otherwise not impact anyone's participation or other plans for the parade.

One thing that hasn't changed - volunteers!  We still need you!  Please contact Kim Boris as noted above.  Thanks!