Who is Bill Johnson?

We've all seen that "Bill Johnson for Judge" sign, right? It's the hand-painted one. Who is he?

He's a racist.

I don't mean he has unease about voting for Barack Obama. Nope. Bill Johnson is a bona-fide Klan sympathizer who wanted to amend the Constitution to deny citizenship to non-white people.


The article says about those signs:

Johnson’s campaign, so far, has consisted of posting placards on fences and other structures throughout the county. They’ve been spray-painted at “meetups” at his La Canada Flintridge home, organized in tandem with the Ron Paul crusade.

Lo and behold - it's true - he is using the Ron Paul meetups to organize his klandestine klampaign.

And, much to my surprise, the member "Teresa" is the resident who put up the signs out here. And Teresa is someone he wants to strip of citizenship, because she doesn't look white.

Also, this video, at minute 8:00, has Tom Metzger (well known racist) praising Bill Johnson:

The best comments are at this LA Times blog post.

Who is Bill Johnson?

That explains why he paints his signs on white sheets!

Thanks for the info, and the links.

Who is Bill Johnson

It is interesting that as an admitted white supremacist, he majored in Japanese and worked for a law firm representing and promoting Japanese national interests in the US? Mind blowing, greedy and a racist bigot--go figure???

Who is Bill Johnson

If you've ever read any white supremacist message boards, you'll find that a lot of them have low self-esteem. Some of them idolized people of other races, like Michael Jordan or Bruce Lee. Then, still being real down, they found some kind of "pride" in "white pride". Maybe they were poor, and picked on by other kids.

I know, it sounds weird, but, it's also not that weird.