Traffic Commission at 7 PM on May Day (5/1)

This month's meeting will mostly be some bits of old business, along with some preparation for the future.

First, at the previous meeting, we discussed the first draft of a proposed blue-curb (handicapped parking spaces) program.  We made a number of changes we felt were appropriate, including eliminating fees and tightening and loosening various requirements.  At this meeting, we will be reviewing a new draft that appears to reflect what we had asked for.  No residents spoke on this last time; we would still welcome input.

Next, and again at the last meeting, we considered a business owner's request for a bus loading/unloading zone in front of her business at 8450 E. Garvey Avenue.  She has requested it as she says her business is primarily dependent upon tourist traffic that arrives in buses.  Staff was, however, unable to see any buses at the time they observed the site; neither was I at the time that I went.  The commission was somewhat skeptical about setting such a precedent without a clearly established need, and so voted to continue the item to this meeting partly in hopes of getting some additional information.  Based on our packet, however, there appears to be no new information; hopefully we will be provided with some at the meeting.

Lastly, and very importantly, we will be considering a prioritized traffic study list for next year's budget.  These are studies beyond the simpler items like a single corner; ones that require a more substantial amount of time and resources.  Among those we discussed at the last meeting (and may be choosing among this Thursday):
* Truck routes
* Tour bus traffic in residential areas
* Location of crossing guards
* Street sweeping (schedule modifications - such as alternate days on opposite sides of the street and reducing the "no parking" time period - and increased enforcement)
* Mission Drive between Rosemead and Valley
* Protected permissive signals - developing guidelines and looking at specific locations for possible installation
* How a change in the General Plan and housing density might impact traffic

As always, we welcome your attendance and input.