Romero backs City of Industry NFL Stadium rejected by Molina

As much as most Angelenos' want an NFL team to call our own--should taxpayers foot community redevelopment funds to fix roads and sidewalks for this proposed stadium? And, the article did not mention what this developer would divert his $829 million in County propery taxes specifically for or how long?

Because this property is located in an incorporated city (Industry), is part of L.A. County 1st District (Molina), yet also part of State Sen Romero's District as well, maybe "bypassing" the County was not such a clever thing to do.

Could "revenue sharing" be in future talks? Because if not this developer--it could be the Rose Bowl; if not them--the Coliseum? But, one way or another it seems there is more than moderate interest for a stadium and a team.,1,623539.story

NFL doesn't want to come to Industry

The NFL in Los Angeles is like a mirage in a desert.  People keep thinking they've getting close, but it's always just out of reach.  You'd think that everyone would have figured out by now that the NFL finds it more useful for there to NOT be a team in the Los Angeles area.  People here still watch the NFL on tv, and the various franchises can always use the threat of "moving to Los Angeles" to extort their home towns into making hundreds of millions of dollars in concessions to "keep" their teams.