Traffic Commission Meeting -- April 3, 7pm

The Traffic Commission meets this Thursday, April 3 at 7pm at the Rosemead Community Center, 3936 N. Muscatel Ave. The agenda can be viewed here.

Traffic Commission

Thanks, Zebra.  March was a crazy month and I was terrible about posting.  To add a few details to that....

* We will be reviewing what looks to be a pretty good draft for a planned blue (handicapped) curb program/policy.  I have a few issues with it, but overall, it looks like something that will benefit the residents of the city who might need that type of curbing.  (It is intended as limited and need-based; you will not likely see an explosion of blue curb all over the city.)
* This is not clearly agendized and should be discussed under Staff or Commissioner Reports, but at the March 6th meeting, City Staff requested that for the April 3rd meeting the commissioners prepare a list of proposed traffic studies for inclusion in next year's budget.  This is above and beyond the relatively simple red curb-type studies; ones that require significant investments of time and resources, such as the apparently still-pending Encinita study.  Staff is saying probably 6-7 total for the year, and I've got about four ideas myself, so it should be an interesting discussion.  Hope you all can make it.