RE: Donations to this Website

Night Reader:

How can bloggers and readers alike donate to this site and still remain anonymous, because the link the donation site takes you to request payment by Paypal, of which I have an account for Ebay, but I would have to submit my personal data, I think?

Do you have a P.O. Box number where I can send cash?

I wouldn't mind making a donation.

RE: Donations to this

You would remain anonymous to Todd, but not to me. Todd declined to get any access to the administrative and fiscal information. I'll figure out if there's a way to suppress sending your personal information via paypal. It might be possible.

RE: Donations to this

It may also be possible to set up a PayPal account that conceals your identity from recipients.  I know I have received payments in the past via PayPal in which the payers name was not revealed.  Not sure how to do that, though.