Planning Commission Meeting, Monday, March 17, 7pm

Looks like another short meeting.  Only one item on the agenda.   The Planning Commission Agenda in .pdf format is here.

It's a requeest for a conditional use permit that would transfer an existing alcohol license to a new owner at 8966 E. Garvey Ave (Roy’s Liquor). City staff is recommending DENIAL of the license.

I recall a similar request for Roy’s Liquor coming up in the past, where the staff recommended approval, subject to a variety of clean-up requirements. Haven’t read the staff report yet to see what’s changed, but I did see a lot of pictures of what seem to be concerns over the maintenance of the facility, and notes about things like homicides and other law enforcement incidents at the address.

Anyway, folks interested in this matter should attend the next Planning Commission meeting. As noted above, it will be in the Rosemead Community Center, just south of the Library, on Muscatel (south of Valley).

Planning Commission Meeting,

OK, turns out this proposal is to transfer the license, not to a new owner, but to a new location.  Roy's Liquor is currently operating at 8412 Garvey Avenue and they want to move to a new minimall at 8966 Garvey Avenue.

The staff report says moving would create an overconcentration of liquor sellers in the new census tract, among other things.