March Green Events in and Around Rosemead

March 15-16: E-waste round-up, in the Wal-Mart parking lot on Walnut Grove, south of Rush. Broken televisions, dead batteries, and other assorted dead electronics can be dropped off there. Those are items that should not be disposed of in your regular trash because they may leach heavy metals into community groundwater.

Starting March 18: Electric lawn mower exchange program: registration begins March 18. That’s when you can log on to the aqmd website and try to register for the exchange of your choice. In exchange for your working gas mower and $100, you get an electric lawn mower. The goal is to get the polluting gas mowers out of use and replace them with pollution-free electric mowers (they’re pollution free if the power you use to charge them is generated by wind or water–otherwise, it may still pollute, but the pollution will be deployed outside of the South Coast air quality management district.

March 29: Lights Out America. A sequel to last year’s Lights Out Los Angeles, the goal is to conserve energy in general, particularly by turning off unnecessary outdoor lighting. I understand Pasadena is on board with this and I may very well be off in Pasadena that night doing some sidewalk astronomy in conjunction with their event. Or, who knows. If Rosemead gets on board, maybe I’ll do some sidewalk astronomy in Rosemead?