In the 2008 Presidential campaign, 91770 contributed to. . .

McCain, Clinton, and Guiliani, in that order.  That's from a Los Angeles Times database that uses FEC data to track contributions by ZIP code.

This is for the year ending January 31, 2008.  91770 residents contributed just over $8000, with McCain and Clinton each splitting about 1/3 of the pot, Guiliani not far behind, and everyone else in single digits. The asterisk in the table says this is just for contributions of over $200.

91770 donates to McCain

I'm not surprised. With many ethnic Chinese from Vietnam living here in SSG and Rosemead, I can understand their admiration for McCain.

After all, being the son and grandson of 4 star navy admirals, when his plane went down during the Vietnam War, he was offered early release, but refused because other POWs had been held longer and he saw this as a publicity stunt.

McCain was held in the infamous "Hanoi Hilton". After he refused early release, not only was he continually held in solitary confinement, but his captors tortured him more harshly.

Besides the heroic actions of the legendary 442nd during WWII, IMHO many non-Asian Americans see Asian-Americans as wishy-washy towards the military, but not so for Vietnamese Americans.

They have helped us redefine Asian-American patriotism, and I am very proud to have them as my neighbors.

That said, this is going to be a tough presidential race for 91770.


91770 donates to McCain

You're probably right about the McCain money coming from Vietnamese.  Hooor-Rah, indeed.

In the 2008 Presidential

OK, this one's a little scary because it maps the location of the donors, too!

In the 2008 Presidential

The 2 McCain donors were Agnes Grochow and Richard Lam. 2k and 1k.

Willliam Chau was a big Giuliani giver, at 2k.

Obama and Clinton tended to get smaller donations in the $250 range. Clinton got a big one from Andrew Cherng of Panda, though. 2.3k! Let's not even consider donations given by Panda's big neighbor.

So, whatever people say about Obama appealing to the rich, and Clinton to the working class, it's pretty clear that the rich folks give to Republicans, and the Democrats get more, but smaller, contributions. Um, and Clinton got a fat one from Cherng.

McCain Donors

Zebra's first article and LA Times link did not give an itemization of persons nor the amount of contributions to candidates. The $1000 to McCain from Richard Lam in 91770 indicates he works for or at Thuan Phat Market.

However, the NY Times does give an itemized list by name and amount, so I typed in other So Cal cities (Westminster and Garden Grove) that have a large concentration of Vietnamese population. At this link, you can also highlight other presidential candidates to get names and contribution for these same zip codes.

Although I did not itemize them here, and if one goes by Asian sounding last names only, Hiliary and Obama did not fare that well as McCain w/ this demographic. McCain got $1000 from Little Saigon Radio. (not real scientific, but....? lol

Highly amusing!

Thanks for the link.

Top on the list of donors (by alphabet):  Bob Bruesch. :D

In terms of "famous" names, I see that Andrew Cherng of the Panda Group gave a big chunk of change to Hillary.  Meanwhile, we see that a very large portion of McCain's money came from one person, who made repeated contributions to his campaign.  And someone (won't say who, and I don't recognize the name, but you can look for yourself) got a lot of money *returned* by several candidates.  Most curious.

More on McCain Donors

Forgive me, I though the link would take you directly to the database for Westminster and/or Garden Grove, but it doesn't, you have to re-type it in. Westminster's zip = 92683 and Garden Grove's is 92840.

OC Asian Community Still Overwhelmingly GOP

Timely and relevant, how this LA Times article writes about a small, but emerging Democratic party for the Orange County Vietnamese community, which traditionally has been strongly Republican.,1,3814072.story?coll=la-headlines-frontpage