Sidewalk Astronomy, March 15, Monrovia and Sierra Madre

Edit--5:20pm-- It's blowing and raining here in Rosemead, so it's safe to say that both Monrovia and Sierra Madres sidewalk astronomy are off for tonight.  The next event will probably be around April 12; if something else is scheduled, I'll post it here.

Weather-permitting, Old Town Astronomers will be in Monrovia's Library Square Park, on the corner of Myrtle and Lime, this Saturday, March 15, 2008, from shortly after dark until about 9:30pm.  Concurrently, there's also a sidewalk astronomy event up in Sierra Madre's Memorial Park.  I haven't decide which event I will attend.

Saturn is approaching opposition and appearing larger and larger.  Since it is an intrinsically larger planet than Mars, it appears larger even though it is much further away.  And it's got rings, which makes it a more interesting telescopic target.

Mars is high and shrinking fast.  The moon should be just past first quarter and showing good relief.

Sidewalk Astronomy, March

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Sidewalk Astronomy, March

The weather forecast for tonight is very iffy, so Monrovia has been canceled.  Sierra Madre may or may not go forward.