Rosemead City Council Meeting, February 12

On the city council's agenda for Tuesday (Feb. 12, 7pm) is the Traffic Commission's recommendation for traffic mitigation measures on Rush Street, near Delta and Rush and Delta and Angelus.  It is my recollection that the Commission recommended a traffic signal at both corners, synchronized with each other and with the light at the Wal-Mart entrance.  Staff is recommending against any measures.

Also, FYI, on the Planning Commission's agenda for next Tuesday (Feb 19, 7pm), the proposed out-pad developments adjacent to the Wal-Mart are also going to be on the agenda.


I apologize for the late posting on this, but just to give an update on the situation....

The Council voted to take two immediate actions: to have the crosswalk crossing Rush at Angelus repainted, adding ladder-striping to improve visibility, and to add red curb at the corner of Rush approaching Delta.
The signal issue was more contentious, however.  Both Commissioner Gay and myself (among others) argued that the basic numbers from the study were not necessarily an accurate reflection of the true conditions and actual need at those sites.  Most seemed to agree that at least one signal was necessary, but differed on where it should be, and what (if anything) else should be done.  In the end, the Council voted 5-0 to commission an outside engineer to do a traffic study that will hopefully provide a better picture of what's going on, and what the need is.  It wasn't what we were hoping for, but if it ultimately gets the job done before anything bad happens, I for one will be happy. 

Rosemead City Council

No apologies needed. Thanks for the update.

The left turn out of Delta is pretty difficult.

Angelus/Delta/Rush, Redux

Happy to see that the red curbing was installed and the crosswalk repainted almost immediately after the city council discussed the idea.  That's the easy part, but the part that will have the most immediate effect (although I think the traffic commission may need to look at extending the red curb on Rush, immediately west of Delta a little further).

The study on what to do next continues.  Personally, I don't mind us studying to make sure we get this right.  I am not crazy about the idea of lights at Angeles AND Delta AND the Wal-Mart entrance.  If they do that, a synchronization similar to what's at San Gabriel and Marshall would be appropriate.


You're quite welcome.  Visited the site tonight and am happy to report that the crosswalk now has thick horizontal lines of yellow, semi-reflective paint, and the curb by Delta has been painted red.  Hopefully the latter will be of some small assistance on those left turns.  And as a minor bonus, a small portion on either side of the hydrant about 150 - 200 feet west has also been painted red.

I should also note that we are hoping to have the new Rush/Angelus/Delta traffic study back in time for our April 3rd meeting, so please mark that on your calendars and come on down (or up) to make your thoughts known.