Quicky Post on Presidential Primaries

In case anyone's curious, among our local elected officials (Updated, 1/30/08):

Have endorsed Hillary Clinton:  Rep. Hilda Solis, Board of Equalization Vice Chair Judy Chu, Assemblyman Mike Eng.  Rosemead Councilmember Polly Low.

Have endorsed Barak Obama:  State Senator Gloria Romero, Garvey School Board Members Henry Lo (duh) and Janet Chin, and Rosemead Mayor John Tran.

Had endorsed New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson:  L.A. County Board of Supervisor Member Gloria Molina.  As far as I know, she has not yet made a new endorsement after Richardson dropped out of the race.

The latest polls in CA have Clinton with a pretty large lead over Obama, and McCain with a large lead over Romney.

Although it probably shouldn't matter, Romney is going to be hurt by the recent death of LDS Church President  (Prophet, Seer, and Revelator) Gordon B. Hinckley.  It's going to remind folks that he's LDS, and, in public opinion polls last year, a surprisingly large proportion of Americans said they would not vote for an LDS candidate for president.  I suspect the hit will be hardest in the so-called "Bible Belt" of southern states.  This could potentially provide a bit of a boost to Huckabee in the short term, and help McCain's chances in the longer term.

Quicky Post on Presidential

California is still Clinton's to lose (or win), but the Obama grassroots uprising specializes in surprises. The Dems power structure isn't as fragile as the GOPs - it will have its say, at least on how much support it'll give Clinton. The bigger question is: who can win against the GOP's "designated white guy"?

The Romney-LDS hype is so bogus. The man clearly worships at the temple of money, first. The real religious zealot is Huckabee, who wants to remake the Constitution to conform to his interpretation of God's Law.