IOWA: Come for the Caucus. Stay Indefinitely.

Nice to see some dedicated students from Rio Hondo College willing to volunteer for a presidential campaign. Not so nice to see them get stranded there.

Amtrak for $500 & Richardson

It seems their host, Gary Mendez, is kind of responsible for the mess they're in--he got into a fight with the bus driver. Also, travel by railway can be more expensive then airfare. I wonder if they considered Greyhound? It says in the article that the parents of these kids don't have that kind of money, and after all, if they are 18 years old and college students, they are legal adults.

As a postscript, I know Richardson didn't really believe he could get the Democratic nomination. What he got was allot of exposure, to perhaps run as Hiliary's VP candidate, hoping to garner the large Hispanic vote in the Southwest and West (lots of electorate votes here in CA)

Although personally, I wouldn't like that ticket. I don't trust Clintons, and as former Secretary of Energy, Richardson didn't have much of an energy plan to wean us from fossil fuels.

Amtrak for $500 & Richardson

The Tribune newsgroup ran a big profile of Gary Mendez over the weekend.  It would have been a good chance for them to update us the how and why of this Iowa mess.  But they didn't.