Non-English Speaking Gardeners Using Storm Drains

I just caught my neighbors' (pleural) gardeners leaf blowing grass and hedge trimmings DOWN OUR STORM DRAIN! You know, just after this weekend's recent storms, the local media showed the junk from our storm drains that end up in the Long Beach Bay (I used to live in Belmont Shores BTW), and it was beyond gross. I know some of you will bark at the fact that I used the term "non-English speaking", but, this is to differentiate them from the Japanese gardeners of the past, who took overall pride in their profession and were responsible for some of the most beautiful landscapes in the San Gabriel Valley (most notably San Marino). Also, this was a life long profession for the Japanese landscaper/gardener, not an "entry level" position for the next illegal Central American working his way up to home improvement subcontracting. I'm sorry, but I also scolded my neighbor that we, in good conscious, could not be AGAINST illegal immigration, and in the next breath hire those same people to do work that we're too lazy to do! I CUT MY OWN GRASS and WASH MY OWN CAR (it burns calories and is good for you and our country). Im so glad to get that off my chest today.


Why don't you just say Mexican Nationals or something like that? You end up pulling the race card anyway.

Did you tell them to stop doing it?


Night Reader,

You, of all people know how outspoken I am on this blog, OF COURSE I TOLD MY NEIGHBOR about their rude gardeners. They were very embarrassed and admitted they had done this before. I saw him going over to scold them himself.

I posted this so other readers can enlighten themselves about the harmful practice to all our storm drains.

Non-English Speaking

Something else to consider is that JA's ended up doing gardening because they were denied other jobs that were better.

non-English speaking

Is the US the ONLY country with a great big huge INFERIORITY COMPLEX? Japanese gardens are renowned world wide. Also, there are Italian shoe makers who have been at their craft for generations, and they are among the most beautifully crafted and expensive shoes in the world and in fashion, not to mention Italian tailors, Chinese chefs, Jewish diamond cutters. I guess writings of Gustave Flaubert and the term "petty bougeoisie" could apply here.

non-English speaking

There's nothing wrong with Japanese gardening, and everyone likes to live on the old Nisei streets, but I thought that a lot of guys did that because Asians were shut out of a lot of jobs. They'd have these college degrees, but, nobody would hire them. They'd have a high school diploma, and they'd be shut out. I mean, this is the 1940s and 1950s.

So... those conditions cause people to try and start businesses that have a low up-front cost. Gardening was (and is) that business.