ROSEMEAD — Two men who are suing Rosemead for unpaid wages said "intimidation" and "fear" pervade City Hall

Here is yet another article from this Jennifer McLain person.  Doesn't sound like she tries very hard to be objective or get the other's side opinion, although with lawsuits, city managers "cannot" talk about pending litigation (that's just standard), so sometimes it appears the plantiffs are in the right.  I hope I got the link correct this time.

ROSEMEAD — Two men who are

That's probably why some folks keep going to court:  It lets them say what ever they want and they know the people they're accusing can not respond.  Whether the case ever goes to trial, they've got their headline and they've scored their political points.

Thanks for the post, centaur.  And, yes, the link works!

ROSEMEAD — Two men who are

You know what would make me feel like I was working in a hostile work environment?  If a city council member were to say at a public meeting that she did not trust city staff to do their job.

ROSEMEAD — Two men who are

I've already put this link in on a post to another thread, but it's relevant here, too:

Two men who are suing Rosemead

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Two men who are suing Rosemead

Post where ever you want!

The philosophy is supposed to be that the blogs are for discussion while the blogs are for information.  But, really, either will do.

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Maybe we need to make some rules.

I'm kind of confused, too. I'm starting to use the forums rather than blogs.

Another thing - if we need more categories, drop me a priv msg

If you need a category, drop me a private msg, and we can make it.