Sheriff Deputies Respond in Force to Renegade Cigarette Lighter

Lots of "art" to go along with Frank Girardot’s blog entries on the exploding lighter incident in Zappopan Park. [These stories are at the top, now, but they’ll probably be moving down as new material is posted there].  [Edit–The exploding pen blog entry is "permalinked" here, and continue (with art) to the next two or three entries]

Jennifer McLain wrote the "official" story for the newspaper, which we’ll probably see tomorrow morning.

I don't blame the Sheriff's Department for responding as they did.  But since it did turn out to be "nothing" (thank goodness), I can write the silly headline above.

Sheriff Deputies Respond in

This reminds me of the day I walked outside my door and saw a suitcase sitting on the natural gas pipeline near my house (apparently, around 8:35 one morning). Same thing for that one: Everyone knew it was probably a prank, but you gotta treat it like the real thing. Besides, it’s probably good to practice these things when it is "only a test," so that if the real thing does happen, you know you’ll be ready for it.

Sheriff Deputies Respond in

The blog entries were summarized and made it into the paper: