Idea for a "Clean up the City" website

There's been some controversy (genuine or astroturf) about these laws to pressure people to fix up their homes. Here's an idea for an extralegal way to create this pressure, using a website.

People pissed off about someone's house can photograph it, and post it to a website.

Then, people would download the picture, and "fix" the picture, and then upload the changes All the photos could be discussed.

You could also create a database of "pretty" houses, to provide reference.

This stuff can be painful, so moderation is necessary.


Idea for a "Clean up the

It would be fun, but would only be effective if people in Rosemead actually visited these web pages and saw their homes or their neighbors' homes on the site.  Peer pressure requires you to actually know what your peers think.

Idea for a "Clean up the

John:  Looks like your idea has already been adopted: