. . . And I lived to tell the tale

Every now and then, I get a craving for roast duck and char siu (Chinese barbeque pork).  And the place that usually meets that craving is Sam Woo's.

About a month ago, a new Sam Woo's opened up in the same shopping center on Las Tunas that houses Tokyo Lobby and Albertson's.  Since the other nearby Sam Woo's (on Valley, in the Great Chinese Mall) generally has poor parking access and long lines, I have started going to the new one.

Last Friday, I went in, got in line, and ordered my duck and char siu.  After I left, I decided I should also grab a menu, just for future reference.  On re-entering the restaurant, I saw the LA County Health scorecard:  57/100.

Well, that was Friday.  Today's Monday.  I'm still alive.  Yay! :D

I'm not sure how low of a score you need to get to be shut down immediately, but I guess a high "F" is not low enough.

Nobody Pays Attention

Nobody pays attention to those numbers. Asians are bad at math, and they don't know what 57/100 means.

Nobody Pays Attention

Yes, I know you're joking.  But I need to mention this here:  During the discussion over the property maintenance ordinance, a woman stood up and told us she opposed the ordinance because some people grow up in a culture that doesn't value watering lawns.  And anyone who would try to make people in Rosemead care for their lawns was being racially insensitive.

I thought to myself, "In some places, if a woman goes out in public without a close male relative nearby, she gets stoned or beaten by private 'code enforcers.' Is it racially insensitive to tell people that, in America, you can't do that?"

. . . And I lived to tell

I'm trying to figure out which culture this is. I see grass in every neighborhood. If they don't want grass, maybe they can lay out rocks and wildflowers.

I think that it would be racially insensitive to prevent people from growing food in the front yard. Some Southeast Asian and Latin American cultures seem to be into this.

You could combine these cultural things, and grow cactus. I see agave, nopal, yucca, and aloe vera growing all over. It doesn't seem to require much watering and they look nice. I don't think there are so many Asian options, because it's more humid there.