About Save Our Community

Save Our Community (SOC) is a non-profit organization involved in a lawsuit about the Environmental Impact Report for the proposed Wal-Mart project. The primary focus of SOC is the lawsuit.

Save Our Community Political Action Committee (SOC-PAC) is a separate entity created specifically to engage in the March 8th 2005 elections. Funds put into SOC-PAC are used to fund campaign material in support of the three candidates SOC-PAC is endorsing. The mebership of SOC and SOC-PAC are different, and they are separate entities.

This website overlaps these two organizations, as well as any group that wishes to exist on the site. Though outside participation on the site has been minimal, there are ways to publish on the site, without editorial oversight. Anyone can register and post to the Forums, and anyone who registers can start a "blog" at will. Any material in forums or blogs are specifically exempted from any SOC copyright, by the statement at the bottom of each page.


SOC was originally formed to represent residents of Rosemead and South San Gabriel opposing the building of a shopping center at the corner of Walnut Grove and Rush streets. This new retail development would feature a Wal-Mart, drawing thousands of customers to the residential area surrounding the site, and creating traffic snarls.

Our primary objections to the project are siting across
from a school, in a residential neighborhood, with inadequate infrastructure.

The organization is a diverse group of people with a range of experiences, political backgrounds, incomes, ages, and races. There are many things we may not see eye-to-eye about, but we all agree that the siting of this project is bad for the community.

SOC meets every Wednesday at 7pm in the public room of
Amber Wood, at the corner of Rush and Delta.

Other Organizations that are not SOC

The South San Gabriel meeting is a group that meets with a
SSG and County focus. It includes both SSG and Rosemead residents, and works on building a network of people in both the unincorporated area adjacent to Rosemead, and within Rosemead. The group meets Monday nights at 7pm, at 82474 Bleeker.

The Social Justice group, along with One/LA, has spoken in support of SOC. They are a separate group that has involved itself in the fight.

Homeowners associations along Walnut Grove have also supported SOC, and have participated in SOC.

Numerous unaffiliated individuals have assisted, and if they were to form a group, would probably be the majority, or a sizeable minority group. They are not formally affiliated with any group, but have shown up to do the work necessary to carry on the project.


We don't have an official email, but you can reach the webmaster at

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