Sale of San Gabriel Valley Medical Center

Catholic Healthcare West wants to sell the San Gabriel Valley Medical Center (located in the city of San Gabriel, at the corner of Santa Anita and Las Tunas) to AHMC Healthcare, incorporated.  AHMC already owns a number of other hospitals in the area, including Greater El Monte Community Hospital, Whittier Hospital/Medical Center, Garfield Medical Center, and Monterey Park Hospital.

When a nonprofit organization (like Catholic Healthcare West) sells a hospital to a for-profit corporation (like AHMC Healthcare), the state attorney general needs to hold a hearing.  That hearing is scheduled to start at 4pm on Wednesday, September 19 in the auditorium of Mission High School.  Follow this link for more information, including the Attorney General's report on the sale:

Residents should use this opportunity to ask questions about how this sale might affect the cost, quality and accessibility of health services in their community.