The Mobile Home Parks on San Gabriel

Several years ago, the City Council OK'd some proposal to replace the mobile home parks on the northwest corner of San Gabriel and Garvey with a combination hotel/condo complex with some retail, and some affordable units.

A few days ago, I saw that the remaining buildings on those two properties had been partially demolished, and there were signs up offering business spaces for lease. What's that about? Did the disposition of that property change? It seems like some kind of dream development has become a blue sky project - a bunch of commercial spaces that they're trying to lease out before building the structures, because the real estate market is down, and it's irrational to build space if nobody is buying.

It looks like hurricane Katrina hit the properties. Perhaps they were going for the Katrina effect, where destruction and demolition is used to discourage poor people from moving back to New Orleans.

(Speaking of Wanton Destruction -- anyone seen Jonnie's in Downey? The building was illegally half-demolished some time ago, and it remains in that state today... waiting for someone who wants to build some kind of mall or something on that plot of land.)

The Mobile Home Parks on San

No proposals have come before the Planning Commission since I've been there.  I don't know what previous city councils or planning commissions may have approved, but I don't think anything has gotten final approval, yet.  I'm pretty sure any actual construction would require coming before the Planning Commission with a firm plan that has been endorsed by the Planning Department staff and a completed EIR.

The Mobile Home Parks on San

I think it came up before the PC back around the time I got started in SOC.

I found it on the County Assessor's site with the ID# 5287-035-020.  That's just FYI.  Maybe I should call the number on the banner.