Stupid TV Shows Coming in the Fall

     Been seeing a lot of promos for the new shows that'll be starting in the fall.  Most of them look pretty stupid.  I'll just pick on one.  The rest of you are free to nominate your own.  Or maybe I'll just keep adding one every day  until I run out?  We'll see.

    My choice:  Viva Laughlin.

     I haven't read any of the entertainment news sources, so I don't know what the "hook" is supposed to be.  But, really:  Laughlin?  Why not a show called, "Viva Pechanga" or "Viva Cabazon"?  Is this supposed to be like "Las Vegas," but with more rednecks?  Is this a story about people who are too stoned to make it in Sin City?  I don't see the appeal.


NBC has a new show coming out: Journeyman. It’s based on the premise that some guy can travel through time and fix people’s lives along the way. I’d be interested in a show like that–Except that NBC HAD a show just like that–And they cancelled it! Quantum Leap!

Kid Nation

I guess if you "hire" minors for your reality shows, you can make them for even less money than it would cost to hire adults.

Vampire, P.I.

I forget the real title of this one, but I keep seeing commericals for a coming fall show about a vampire who fights crime.

Kinda sounds like a show from UPN or the WB of a few years ago, doesn't it?  But this one's on CBS.  The <cough> Tiffany Network.


ABC has a show coming out that seems to be based on the caveman from the Geico commercials.


This isn't necessarily a stupid show.  But I was disappointed to learn that, in the new Jimmy Smits show, "Cane" refers to sugar cane and not to a person's name.  I was looking forward to a few episodes of somebody walking around,  introducing himself by saying (in a slow and deliberative voice), "My name is, 'Cane.'"