Rosemead Parks Along Edison Right of Way

Hey, a positive story about Rosemead! :D

There’s a story in the SGV Tribune about a proposal to build a trail/park network out of the Edison powerline right-of-way that cuts through our city. It sounds like this grew out of Assemblyman Mike Eng’s visit to Rosemead last week.

I like this idea, and I think some of our other posters may also like the idea. After all, we’ve blogged about converting some of these right-of-ways into parks in the past.

I think having the support of local elected officials, like Assemblyman Eng and Congresswoman Hilda Solis, can really facilitate getting some state and federal park dollars into Rosemead. I have previously written about Solis’ San Gabriel River Watershed legislation. (You can also read more about it here). Also, our city should be moving aggressively to get some of that Proposition 84 money that I have also written about before. The San Gabriel and Lower Los Angeles Rivers and Mountains Conservancy could be a key access point for some of those Prop. 84 dollars.

I think if Rosemead takes a more activist role in wooing these entities than it has in the past, we can get our share of recreation and water quality monies to benefit our backyard. After all, the city of San Gabriel managed to get a grant out of the RMC for their Vincent Lugo Park. Well, the Edison right-of-ways that Tran and Eng are talking about are at least as important for water quality and recreational opportunity as that park in San Gabriel. Keep up the good work!

(BTW, I'm finally figuring out how to embed the links in my text.  One of these days, I might even figure out how to embed pictures!).

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Yeah. It's a really good idea. It would be nice to have a mix of "natural" style and recreational style parks.