Garcia Calderon Ruiz

Well, now that the brouhaha over Alvarez-Glasman & Colvin is over, it looks like it’s on to Garcia Calderon Ruiz. The SGV Tribune had this article in today’s paper, continuing a theme from an earlier article, that questioned the firm’s $50K+ bill for May. Although I’m pretty sure the folks pressing the billing story are just using this to mention the lawsuit against John Nunez as often as possible (and, of course, to continue their build up to the March 2009 election), the story would have had little traction were it not for Garcia’s history.

Two More Articles

Today's local newspapers have several articles (the Star News article is a shorter, modified version of the Tribune article) regarding Rosemead City Attorney Bonifacio Garcia.  You can see them here:

1.; and


One More Article

One more article on possible issues with City Attorney Bonny Garcia.  See:

And another article.

See --Attorney fees remain high;Rosemead looking to trim spiraling costs.