Rosemead Beauty School

     Anyone seeing me the past few weeks may have noticed I'm getting a little shaggy.  That's 'cause I messed up on the timing of the summer break at the Rosemead Beauty School.  But I think they come back from break on Tuesday, so I can finally get my hair cut.  (On the other hand, if they're off for another week still, then I may need to break down and go someplace else).

     Beauty schools are a great place for inexpensive hair cuts.  It's just $2.95 at Roseemad Beauty School (8531 Valley Blvd, just west of Walnut Grove).  That means even with a rather generous tip to the student, you're still getting a great deal.

     They also offer other services (perms, dye, etc), but I've never gotten anything other than a hair cut here.

     The one drawback is that a haircut here tends to take a little longer than elsewhere.  I think they do a more thorough job.  (I definitely like the way it looks after a visit here versus to other inexpensive barber shops in the area.)  Also, they usually need to call the teachers over for a look.

Rosemead Beauty School

Got my hair cut yesterday.  They have substantially remodeled the front-end.  And they raised the price of a haircut:  It's now an even $3.  I think I can still afford that.