Pinkberry Comes to the SGV!

     While it's entirely possible that the only person who cares about this sort of thing is my wife (who already knows what I'm about to write!), Pinkberry has come to the San Gabriel Valley.  Their store is in Pasadena, on Fair Oaks, just south of Colorado.  Their hours are 11am-11pm daily.

     In the meantime, Pinkberry clones Peach House (northeast corner of Valley and New) and Pin-go (north side of Valley, a bit west of Garfield) are still closer to us here in Rosemead.  Don't know of any frozen yogurt places in Rosemead, yet.

     Any idea why it is that Rosemead attracts an invasion of neither foot massage places nor frozen yogurt outlets?  Just wondering.

     And, as long as I'm posting, any idea what's going on with the BigLots on Valley at Almansor?  It seems to be closed more often than it's open, recently.