Cityhood for East LA?

I got a letter from Gloria Romero about this a while back. I guess someone is spearheading this effort now. It's something to keep an eye on. I know some local residents are from East LA.

I read that last time this came up, the northern part of ELA, near ELAC, got annexed to Monterey Park.

What's interesting is the site's explanations about why they should incorporate. They listed that they'd get more of their tax money.... hmmm. I wonder if that's true.

It also failed to mention that the Gold Line Extension is what's going to bring in the big money.

Topix page about the issue.

Cityhood for East LA?

     I think the phrase I saw was something like, "Local tax revenue being allocated for local needs."  Being in unincorporated L.A. county, the tax revenue generated in East L.A. goes into the county pot, where it can be spent by the Board of Supervisors anywhere in the county.  If they were a city, the tax revenue would stay in the city (just as Rosemead gets to keep its share of sales tax revenue generated within the city, plus a portion of the vehicle license fee for cars registered in the city, etc).

     As to whether that would mean more or less, that depends on how much tax revenue is generated locally and how much the county spends locally.  I guess their IFA report is supposed to produce that information, at which point they'll know whether they're a net giver or a net taker from the rest of the county.


The first question should be why is Sen Romero "meddling" in Sup Molina's backyard??? OK, OK, Sen Romero did put her political neck out with the unions and SOC against Walmart, and she has been paid back politically so to speak, as the Senate Majority Leader.  Yet, recall after recall, with the Senator and all her political know how behind SOC, many of those ballots were "invalidated" by the recorders' office.  I, as no doubt many of you readers, have occasionally taken the 4th St. bridge home from L.A., as an alternative to the congested freeway, which goes through Boyle Heights and ELA.  I was pleasantly surprised to see how well the streets, old Victorian and Craftman homes, and new buildings were kept.  This was not the case in the 70's.  Even the lake by the ELA Sheriffs' Dept has been drained, cleaned and beautifully rennovated.  So ELA doesn't think its getting enough of the "1 billion dollar County surplus" (most of which came from new development in unincorporated areas)?Anyone in the County will tell you that Sup Burke and Sup Molina get most of federal redevelopment money, and, for obvious reasons. IMHO, all "city-hood or incoporated" means to me is "just another layer of unwanted bureauracracy".   When Sup Molina terms out (this is her last term) and Sen Romero wants that seat, then go after it like a "lady", make an public annoucement. 


They probably get plenty of the money, but may forsee an increase in retail and property taxes due to this train going through. The other end of the Gold Line is a big money pit with low ridership, but it turned Highland Park into a "hip" neighborhood (even more than it was just before the line went through). Maybe they see a repeat of this with East LA. The linked website's silence about the train, which is the BIG thing going in there, is deafening.

I'm not sure what Romero has to do with this site or my post, though. I'm just on her email list. I haven't communicated with anyone from her office in a couple years. Not even a "hello."