Baguettes in Rosemead

     Among the dozens of places where you can get a baguette sandwich in or around Rosemead are Mr. Baguette, and Lee's Sandwich,  In Rosemead, they're almost within spitting distance, both on Valley, a bit east of Walnut Grove and west of Muscatel.

     Lee's Sandwich is a relatively large chain in comparison to our own, home-grown Mr. Baguette.  At the moment, I'm leaning towards Lee's Sandwich as my preferred baguette sandwich place.  I think they're a little cheaper, and I find their menu easier to navigate.  Also, their little outdoor dining area is surprisingly pleasant (unless there's someone smoking on the patio!).  On the other hand, I kind of like the idea of Mr. Baguette, where they package the "salad" toppings of  your sandwich in a separate plastic bag.  It reminds me of the old McDonald's concept of "hot side hot and the cold side cold," except that, in this case, it's about keeping your sandwich from getting soggy before you're ready to eat it.

Ba Le

I like the old Ba Le, next to Popeyes, mostly because it's the old regular place, and they really slather the butter on the bread. There's also a nice little shop in the mall at the corner of Garvey and San Gabriel.

Makes me wonder how Quizno's stays in business. Their paninis don't taste so good to me. There's decent torta and a banh mi right across the street! (Heck, there's Claro's on Valley, too.)

Ba Le

I have probably eaten more sandwiches from Ba Le than from the others, only because a bus stop I often use is right in front of them.  I think they probably are cheaper than either of the other two, but I don't enjoy their sandwiches as much.  That's particularly true after I figured out that "head cheese" has nothing to do with "cheese" and everything to do with "head."  Yuck! :P