Save Savannah Cemetery

I'm not sure what category this belongs in, but there's a group working to preserve the Savannah Cemetery, one of the oldest in the area, and the final resting place of many early settlers.

To contribute to the El Monte Cemetary Association. . .

El Monte Cemetary Association

P.O. Box 4247

El Monte, CA  91734


     They were supposed to be trying to get tax-exempt status, but I'm not sure if they got it, yet.

     Also, their next membership meeting is 10am Saturday, July 21 at the El Monte Historical Museum, 3150 Tyler Ave in El Monte.  Their newsletter says the meeting is "Open to all interested persons."

SGV Tribune Article on Savannah Cemetary

Link to a story in the SGV Tribune:

     Those of you who attended the last city council meeting know that Mayor Tran directed the city staff to study the feasibility of putting on an "October-fest"-type event to benefit the park.

     I have never managed to come to the cemetary when the gates were open, so I don't know if there's any actual open space left.

     Not surprisingly, a cemetary can be a pretty peaceful place to take a walk.  I used to enjoy walking (and, occasionally, skiing) through Mt. Hope Cemetary in Rochester.  It would be nice (and it would give city residents something besides just a good feeling to support the cemetary) if there was room to allow a part of the Savannah Cemetary to serve as a park, too.