G.O.T. Graffiti?

The county sheriff's department is sponsoring a "Give Out Tips on Graffiti" event.  It is open only to "adults" (they do not define "adult" in the flyer), and will be held on Tuesday, June 5, 6:30pm - 9:00 pm at the Rosemead Community Center.  That's at 3939 Muscatel Ave., directly south of the library and near the city hall.

Topics on their flyer include:  1) How to Prevent Graffiti; 2) Is Your Child Involved With Graffiti?; 3) The Consequences; 4) The Differences Between Gangs v. Tagging Graffiti.

For information, call either Lt. Jacobs (626-292-3341) or Mandy Wong (626-312-2900, ex. 328).  Cantonese, Mandarin, and Vietnamese translators will be available, and childcare will be provided.


BTW, just as a FYI, now that I'm on the planning commission, I get the "Rosemead Green Sheet," in which the city manager provides a brief summary of city news and events.  Anyone care to guess how many calls for graffiti removal our city responds to each week?



[spoiler space]




Week ending May 23:  140 calls

Week ending May 30:  138 calls

That's a lot more than I would have guessed.

For anyone interested, the graffiti hotline is 626-569-2345.  It's a recording.  Leave a message and the city dispatches a team to paint over the graffiti.

How many are from Casa de Liquor

The Casa de Liquor on San Gabriel gets a big gang display up all the time. That wall must have a hundred layers of paint on it.

I found an interesting page on a website about being a more effective, productive, self-motivate person. Amidst all the advice about "getting things done" and better time-management, there's: http://www.43things.com/things/view/182062

One person there writes, "there’s no replacement for dedication & practice so just get out and do it. For tips & tricks you might try www.graffitimasterclass.com too though. Good luck!" He's just spamming for his instructional videos about how to do it.

Something tells me that the anti-graffiti bureaucrats aren't going to win.