. . . and Congratulations to Me!

Well, I was hoping someone else would log on to congratulate me, but it looks like I have to plan my own celebration. :)

On Monday, I was one of four new appointees to the city's Planning Commission.  I'll be joined by Larry Bevington, who I'm sure you all know.  I don't personally know the other two new appointees, and I only saw the holdover reappointee preside over a single commission meeting.  But I do hope we can all work together to improve the quality of life in Rosemead.

The San Gabriel Valley Tribune article is here: http://www.sgvtribune.com/ci_5906209

Actually, there were two versions of the story in the Tribune.  Apparently, the SGVN is experimenting with producing two editions:  one for home delivery and one for news stand sales.  I think this is the home delivery version.

Unfortunately, the story is not all puppies and sunshine.  But, in the interest of promoting civility in government, I will refrain from further public comment on this particular set of events.  I'll probably have to curtail my commentary on a lot of city events from now, on, too.  That's a shame.  So I would encourage you other Rosemead residents to pick up my slack.  Help keep this web site a place where people can get an alternative view of what's going on in their city.