Wal-Mart's at it Again!

A number of people in Rosemead have recently received a "newsletter" from a group calling itself "Rosemead Partners."

Just as a reminder, when it says "Rosemead Partners," it's really from Wal-Mart.  Wal-Mart and its sock puppets are continuing their unrelenting negative attacks on the city council members who are willing to stand in the way of their getting everything they want.

Please come to the next city council meeting (Tuesday, May 8, 8pm), show your support for an independent city council, and hold Wal-Mart's sock puppets accountable for the lies they continue to spread.

Funny Google

This is kind of off topic, but a search for "Rosemead Partners" brings up (from the March 2006, Sarasota Herald-Tribune):

Beach at Longboat et al to Rosemead Partners, $499,900, 2006035373, Unit 102, Beach at Longboat Key. 

Probably a different Rosemead partners... but who knows. Maybe Mike Lewis is using Wal-Mart money to buy a condo in the Florida Keys, for use by his political cronies.

It looks pretty snazzy, and the article *did* seem to indicate other units were sold to other partnerships.

It's messed up how Wal-Mart keeps up its relentless attack against any of its political opponents. There's legitimate criticism, and that's always necessary, but they sound like they're on a smear campaign.

If this is about fences... well... I'm not really into fences myself. If people have them, the see-through kind is probably better than one that blocks light. My neighbor just erected. It's a 6-foot tall privacy barrier that blocks out the sunlight.

(I confess, my family also put up a fence. I was cold to the idea, being anti-fence, but it went up... and now the whole backyard feels much smaller. Stray cats stopped visiting, and there is a new gopher problem. The lesson here is: fences can lead to darkeness and vermin.)

Most assuredly a different Rosemead Partners!

"Our" so-called Rosemead Partners is using the same post office box in Rosemead as the one that so-called Rosemead PRIDE once used.  Mike Lewis pays the bill on that box.


People get irrational when it comes to their home and their yard (and it's sad when people like Margaret Clark, Mike Lewis, and that little gnat of a human who ran in the recall election exploit this fear for their own political benefit).


People were saying that limiting the height of new fences to three feet would make homes less safe.  Hey, I'm short, I'm fat, and I'm out of shape . . .  But I can hop over a four foot fence just as easily as I can hop over a three foot fence.  Heck, any person who's not decrypted and has even reasonable upper-body strength can easy pull themself over a six-foot fence.  Really, all a taller fence does is shield the criminal after he's gotten on your property, so no one can see what he's doing.


The problem is largely one of perception.  People *feel* safer with a taller fence, just as people feel safer with flood lights surrounding their home.  But the fact is that neither a taller fence nor lights that drown out our natural sky really deter even a semi-motivated criminal.