New Forum Categories

Just to see what happens, I added some categories to the forums. I hope this is okay. The whole site was becoming the Todd and John show. What's up with that?

SOC is a political group, but the people have always been the same people who are interested in making the community a better place. The topics were based on what people have already talked about: community activities, their homes, politics, and enviro stuff. If there should be more (as in, if you're reading this and want to be a host for a topic) just say so here.

The old General Messages was turned into Local Politics. That's why it's full.

The front page should stay, basically, political. The forum topics are there to add some homey flavor.


I heard that our Temple City Sheriffs are no longer running this unit, but a "civilian group"?  Just wondering?

Good idea, John

Sounds like a good idea:  Blogs for politics, forums for goofy stuff.  I'm going to post something on Sam Woo's in a few minutes. . . .  :D