New Parks for Rosemead Residents?

As noted elsewhere on this site, Proposition 84, passed last November, provides several billion dollars for new parks in our state.  Rosemead needs to work to get it's share of those new dollars.  So if anyone has any ideas for new parks in or adjacent to our city, please feel free to post here or e-mail ideas to me.  Use the address

[Note--don't try to use the link above.  Type in the address, minus the "delete" text above].

My own pet plan would be to naturalize the lowest portion of the Alhambra wash.  In a more perfect world, we'd have been able to utilize those 23 acres adjacent to the wash, too.  As it is, we'll have to settle for a much smaller natural area, adjacent to the golf course.

Lot on San Gabriel

What about converting part of the lot between San Gabriel and Pine into a park.  The Pine side is in a residential neighborhood.  Garvey Park is a LONG walk.  The lot lies under power lines.

I don't know what the people there think, but when I bike around there, I think it would be a cool location for a park.  It's pretty flat, and people already use it for graffiti.,+ca&ie=UTF8&z=17&ll=34.057246,-118.09203&spn=0.004827,0.012188&t=h&om=1