Proposition 84

Disclaimer:  Save Our Communty/YOR has no official position on any of the races on the November ballot.  As always, what I write below reflects my own opinion, only.


On Friday, I attended a rally in support of Proposition 84.  It was held at the Whittier Narrows Nature Center, which is off of Durfee Ave, just south of Legg Lake.


The Whittier Narrows is an area of great potential, both in terms of recharging our ground water and in terms of providing recreational opportunities in an area that is woefully short on open space.  Proposition 84 money could be used to help realize some of that potential.  Also, if our city council can act quickly enough, Rosemead can get its fair share of Prop. 84 money (assuming the initiative passes).  [With less than an acre of open space/10,000 population, Rosemead is well below the generally accepted standard of open space availability].


Attached picture:  Monterey Park City Councilman and likely future Assemblyman Mike Eng is speaking.  Among others pictured are Rosemead City Councilman John Nunez, Congresswoman Hilda Solis, Los Angeles County Supervisor Gloria Molina, and Garvey School Board member Bob Bruesch.  You can also see half of Garvey School Board member Felipe Agredano's face, behind Bob. ;-)  Several SOC members were in the audience.

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Elections are over--Win some, lose some

Prop. 84 squeaked by with a win.  Now let's hope we can get some of that money here in Rosemead.  We're 4 acres/10,000 population below generally-recommended levels of open space in our city.  Let's get on board with the Emerald Necklace plan and have some of our wash- and river-abutting lands turned into parks!


Up and down the ticket, I won some and I lost some.  The governor's race was no surprise, of course.  The lieutenant governor's race was closer than I expected.  And the insurance commissioner's race tells me that voters are more concerned that their public servants act in an honest and above-the-board manner, and don't care how much weight you've lost.


And if anyone wants to ask me about Prop 90 on Saturday, I'll be happy to talk about that one.  That's the day of the SOC picnic, of course.  E-mail this website if you're interested in attending but have not yet received your invite.  news at saveourcommunity dot us will get your message to us.